About Reinguss s.r.o.

Reinguss is a German & Slovak based high-tech industrial company specializing in the engineering and production special customized prototypes and small - unique series mechatronic and robotic systems for heavy industry.

We Think and Create innovative products based on long term experience, keeping in our minds all of our clients requirements.

With our products We improve performance of work, productivity, product quality and operational safety of our customers.

What makes us different?
Well, Our attitude, flexibility, discipline,
Our ideas, and solutions,
Our people

We recommend our client, don´t call Reinguss, when You can do it alone or its buyable on market, just call Reinguss when U ŕe in trouble, can´t find solution and such product is not available on market.

We will create solution and deliver product.
We never say never..

From november 2012 we started production in Slovakia, while operating also engineering office in Germany. Our know how is based in significant engineering solutions.Using best HW and SW equipment to achieve high quality products. We design our 3D and 2D engineering in SW Inventor. Our products are crafted by Using brand components combined and our engineering and precisious mechanical production and hand made final assembly. All products and systems are fully tested in our worksjhop before shipment.

We handle our production according ISO 9001 : 2008.

Service support of our team for our clients is significant. We provide after sale service and guarantee availability of spare parts for 10 years after delivery. Our service staff is permanently available 24/7 mosthly supported by local agents for quick personal on-site support.

Company Reinguss is active on the worldwide market since 1985. During this time we delivered and sucessfully installed our products in more than 40 countries worldwide. We combine in our products long term experience with innovative technological solutions for specific client needs.